Events 3.0

A new approach to create better events for your business

Tools alone won't fix the event industry, we need to rethink the entire event journey, we need a paradigm shift. We’ve built Conferize to help B2B companies, take their events to a higher level, and we’re calling it Events 3.0.

A new take on events

A new take on events

Embrace before, during and after the event. The "during" is the smallest part of the event experience.


What do you want to obtain? Define your goal. Generate customer leads, demonstrate thought leadership, educate or run commercial events? Set out for ROI!



Don’t invite everyone. Be picky! Most people think: Let’s invite as many as possible. But it depends on your objective. Focus is key.



Before, during and after the event. You put all the attention to the 2 hours or 2 days your event last. What a shame. The improvement is done before - and the results created after your event. Own the space.


THINK 24/7

Open the doors now - and keep them open! Your event-website should be more than a dead page for registration. It’s your event hub. It’s where you engage before, during and after. Digitalize your event!


Do a presentation or make an impression? Let speakers take charge of their own session. Have them engaged with the audience before, during & after the event. It’s more than 60 minutes of fame. It’s a full blown experience!


Be creative. Think customer journey. One-hour session, full day or series of events? Online, on-site or both? How should the event fit into your overall sales and marketing mix? Match it to your objective!

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