A new take on events

Whether online, on-site or hybrid - far too many events leave us with trivial experiences where no one really cares or connects with each other. We’ve set out to change this. We want you - and everyone attending one of your events - to get more out of it.

Our why

Magic happens when people meet. Synergy. Interaction. Bonding. Knowledge sharing. All aspects, that can truly drive impact. We simply want more human connection.

Our focus

We connect people and generate impact through events. At the center of this is knowledge. A common passion, a shared business interest, a higher goal or just curiosity to learn more. Conferize is a tailormade event platform for knowledge-driven events, seminars and conferences.

Our mission

Magic doesn’t happen by putting people in a room or in front of a camera. Sorry, those days are gone.

We create events with higher value

Higher value for the event organizer by making it easier to do a better job organizing the event. Higher value in terms of ongoing return on investment. Higher value for the people who attend your event by leveraging on human connection, involvement and engagement - far beyond the hours your event lasts.

We create better events. Faster.

To deliver we challenge the industry on three parameters
  • Make it happen

    Get thousands of details coordinated

  • Make it great

    Get hundreds of people engaged and yell for more

  • Make it worth it

    Get the results you set out for

As an event organizer, you already know the struggle of “making it happen” – the planning of an event. Speakers, program, event website, registration, keeping track of people, communication, venue, food, to-do-lists, you-name-it.

But how about the “make it great” part? Is that entirely left to the speakers on stage? And is the “make it worth it” part left to its own, because return on investment is difficult to measure for events?

Conferize changes the game

We enable you to create great events that drive true impact and more business.

Most event management systems seem to be struggling to come up with ever more features to manage the practical planning of events. If you run huge events and ditto spreadsheets, they might be the solution you are looking for. We’ve got you covered with the essential planning that all events need.

Learn more by checking our features.

Our culture. A mission. Not a job

We are on a mission to innovate an entire industry. Innovation is not accidental. It is designed. In order to establish a culture where innovation thrives, we have defined our culture.
Releasing collective genius

Conferize is organized and designed for optimum ideation, collaboration, discussion and debate. We go the extra mile to create an atmosphere where our relations can be strengthened. This includes our biannual “workation”, where the Copenhagen team and all our remotes spend a week (days and evenings) somewhere in Europe. To challenge, to play, to solve common issues in new ways, for teambuilding, gastronomic experiences, talk about strategy and goals, and to find inspiration wherever it may be.

Releasing our potential

We want to foster out-of-the-box thinking. We want a mental surplus in everything we do. We’ve set ourselves free to work from wherever and whenever. What matters is that we do our best work, while delivering to our commitments and ensuring collegial togetherness. We use our mental surplus to develop our skills, investigate new technologies, new ideas, etc. and when an extra effort is needed, we can put in that effort.

We are in it for the long run

In a fast-moving digital world where businesses tend to focus on short-term results. Culture and the time required to cultivate it is becoming limited within organizations. We believe the focus should be on achieving the right balance between short-term results and building a strong culture and partnership for the long-term. For our employees and for our customers.

We have a certain way of doing things

It’s called: Doing things. We like to bring no-nonsense into tech-development. To spend months even years on refining an idea and developing the perfect application might be a brilliant idea in a static world. At Conferize our approach is straight-forward: We basically do as little coding as possible. Just enough to build a prototype that engages, excites and open users minds. Then we test it. On real users. Based on reactions, feedback and real experience we get a solid base to make further decisions.

Our team

Conferize is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a public company listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Experience from around the World.

Martin Morsing LarsenChief Executive Officer
Søren D. HansenChief Financial Officer


Claus Bretton-MeyerChair man
Laura LindahlBoard Member
Rolf Jan Lynge OlsenBoard Member

Our values
guide our

  • Think big

    We are a small team. But we like to “think big”. We want to challenge a conservative industry. Not by following the footsteps of the majority but by setting a new path.

  • Be your best

    We are looking for A-players. People with awesome skills to boost the synergy among us all. At the same time people who are adorable to be among. Not literally, but you get it.

  • Be transparent

    With us, there is no heavy management structure and we like everyone to share everything, from bold strategies to small thoughts.

  • Life first

    We care about results, not face time. You’re ready to walk the extra mile when needed - and we respect you have a life to live.

  • Have fun

    Have fun. We serve serious customers and act professionally. But that doesn’t mean we cannot have fun. Humor and a family-feeling is what ties us all together.

  • Challenge everything

    We don’t do anything because we must, or the norm says so.
    We challenge everything. The industry and each other. That’s how we get better. Faster.

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